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Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.
Michelle Obama

Available Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in helping AngelShot Ltd. achieve our mission of providing tools and knowledge that empower women to safeguard themselves and encouraging communities to act as havens for them. As a small and mighty team, we could use your expertise in the following areas:

Creative & User Experience

We are looking for copywriters and user experience designers to help refine the dialog within AngelBot, create newsletter templates, fundraising campaigns, and social media content.


We are currently accepting engineering volunteers to work on the AngelBot Beta and our website. Our stack consists of NodeJS, GCP, DialogFlow, Docker, and Gatsby.js. You will be working on features such as website updates, user management, privacy & security, and improving upon our infrastructure.

Social Media Marketing

Help us establish our social media presence and gain an online following! Flex your influencing skills for a good cause. Help us create a marketing strategy that aligns with our fundraising campaigns. We’re looking for someone who wants to experiment with fresh ideas while maintaining our integrity and authenticity.


As a non-profit, grants and donations are our main sources of funding. We are seeking volunteers who can help us organize fundraising campaigns and apply for grants.


As a designated 501(c)3 organization, we welcome any pro-bono professional services such as legal and bookkeeping.

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Our mission is to provide tools and knowledge that empower women to safeguard themselves and encourage communities to act as havens for them.

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