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Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.
Michelle Obama

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You can make a real impact to improve the safety of women everywhere!
By volunteering your time, there are many ways you can help further our cause.

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With your donation, you will help fund the development of new tools and programs that can help prevent sexual harassment and violence via community engagement and accountability.

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Join our team to make a big impact in your community. We have a wide range of opportunities with different commitment levels where you can flex your expertise and learn new skills with a shared sense of purpose.

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Have a birthday coming up? Tell friends and family to donate to your favorite cause. You can also use holidays like Thanksgiving or #GivingTuesday to encourage people to give to your campaign.

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Our mission is to provide tools and knowledge that empower women to safeguard themselves and encourage communities to act as havens for them.

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