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The goal of sexual violence prevention is to stop it from happening in the first place.
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Our Goals

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Increase community engagement & accountability

Sexual violence affects everyone. According to the CDC, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men experienced sexual violence involving physical contact during their lifetimes.1 More than half of sexual assault incidents occurs while the victim is pursuing leisure activities away from home, and instances of rape within colleges are severely under-reported.2


The AngelShot WINGS Program will reinforce social norms that protect against sexual violence to achieve our mission of creating safe environments.

Our Ambassadors work with local establishments, student councils and school administrators to identify and address sexual violence by defining policies on prevention and intervention within their communities.

To be designated as Havens, local establishments and schools are asked to take a pledge of accountability and transparency — self-assessing their current environment when it comes to sexual violence prevention and taking actions to make it safe.

  • 51% of student rape and sexual assault victimizations occurred while the victim was pursuing leisure activities away from home.2
  • College women are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted than robbed.3
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Prevent incidents and encourage victims to seek help

As awareness becomes more prevalent, we are seeing an increased number of grassroots movements within individual establishments that help prevent people from becoming victims of sexual violence. While technology has enabled us to easily check in on our friends when they’re out on dates, it still requires relying on someone else. Not everyone will have that option and there is no guarantee someone will be around when you need them.


AngelShot’s knowledge base will arm an individual with the information and knowledge to recognize when they’re in a potentially dangerous situation, and will provide them with the methodology to help themselves get out of it.

Using a mobile phone, AngelBot provides an exit strategy for an individual when they need to be bailed out of an unwanted situation.

Should someone become the victim of sexual violence, we will be there to provide the support and resources necessary for them to report the incident.

  • 80% of rape and sexual assault victimizations of students and 67% of non-students go unreported to police.2
  • Fewer than 1 in 5 female victims received assistance from a victim services agency.2
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Prevent violence by ending “Rape Culture”

We live in a society where sexual violence is normalized and excused in the media. It is bolstered in popular culture by the objectification of women’s bodies, use of misogynistic language, and the romanticization of sexual violence. This encroaches on women’s civil liberties from personal interactions to governmental policies.


Women’s rights and safety should be a guarantee. AngelShot provides educational resources that will compel our society to shift its mindset on the unacceptable behaviors that perpetuate rape culture. Through shared stories and experiences, we provide an outlet for those who have been a victim of sexual violence.

We must educate and empower our communities to identify and combat the culture of toxic behavior. This includes engaging allies on how to be respectful sexual partners, promoting healthy sexuality and intimate relationship skills.

Events allow our program to grow and reach more women and communities so that they can take an active role to influence and ameliorate these cultural norms.

  • In about 80% of rape and sexual assault victimizations, the offender was known to the victim.2
  • About a quarter of victims who did not report to police believed the incident was a personal matter, and 1 in 5 stated a fear of reprisal.2,3

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  2. Sinozich, Sofi and Lynn Langton, Ph.D. “Rape And Sexual Assault Among College-Age Females, 1995-2013.”Bureau of Justice Statistics, 11 December 2014,

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Spring 2020

Launch AngelShot Website & Donation Platform

Summer 2020

Launch AngelBot invite-only beta program

Fall 2020

Pilot WINGS Community Engagement Program

Future program expansion

  • Expand to large colleges in major metropolitan areas

    • > 15,000 students
    • Ex: University of Southern California, New York University, and University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, Michigan State, University of Texas at Austin
  • Expand to “medium” colleges

    • 5,000 - 15,000 students
    • Ex: Yale, Brown, Howard, Duke, University of Arkansas, University of Montana, Binghamton University
  • Expand to all colleges nation-wide

  • Expand social media outreach

    • Explore various platforms such as GroupMe and Snapchat
    • Invite local establishments such as bars and coffee shops to participate in WINGS

Meet the Team


Wendy Lau, Co-Founder

Wendy is a Hong Kong native who immigrated to Canada at a very young age, and moved to NYC to further her career in technology. She enjoys leading engineering teams and the challenges around process, efficiency and problem solving. She has since applied these interests to her current role as a Data Product Manager. You’ll likely find her printing her photos in the darkroom or playing video games, while listening to podcasts about how to work happily.


Soraya Dib, Co-Founder

A self-proclaimed challenger of the status-quo, Soraya is a first-generation American and NYC native. She studied art and science and has established herself as a technology leader, founding a Women in Tech employee resource group as well as Women Tech Leaders NYC. She loves inspiring creativity in others and using her talents to promote women’s safety. She loves experimenting with visual art, container gardening and hosting BBQs during the warmer seasons.


Aida DeWitt, Director

A senior software architect hailing from Toronto, Aida is a Canadian living in the San Francisco bay area. As an enterprise Solutions Architect she leads product & engineering teams at Fortune 500 companies on design of modern cloud based customer experience delivery platforms. She is passionate about democratizing access to information and using technology for positive social impact. She balances her time working with bytes by getting outdoors; biking, hiking and getting her hands dirty with sustainable backyard gardening.

Our mission is to provide tools and knowledge that empower women to safeguard themselves and encourage communities to act as havens for them.

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