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Safety should be

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Together, we can end the social and cultural norms that underlie the acceptance of sexual violence against women.

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AngelBot is a free, mobile safety application that discreetly bails you out of bad situations.

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By volunteering your time, there are many ways you can help further our mission to engage communities and increase accountability.

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Our Goals

Increase community engagement & accountability

The AngelShot WINGS Program will reinforce social norms that protect against sexual violence by working with schools and local businesses to achieve our mission of creating safe environments by championing transparency and accountability.

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Prevent incidents and encourage victims to seek help

AngelShot's knowledge-base will arm an individual with the information and knowledge to recognize when they’re in a potentially dangerous situation, and will provide them with the methodology to help themselves get out of it.

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Prevent violence by ending "Rape Culture"

AngelShot will provide educational resources that will compel our society to shift its mindset on the unacceptable behaviors that perpetuate rape culture. Through shared stories and experiences, we create an outlet for those who have been a victim of sexual violence.

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Our mission is to provide tools and knowledge that empower women to safeguard themselves and encourage communities to act as havens for them.

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